"Taking charge of our lives by taking charge of our community"

The Georgia Human Rights Union, a project of the Georgia Citizens' Coalition on Hunger, is an organization of the low income, homeless and underemployed. We come together as a support group to discuss the issues that keep poor people impoverished. The GHRU meets on a monthly basis every third Thursday of the month.

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  • On Thursday, June 6th, the GHRU will be co-hosting a Prayer  Brunch on Welfare Reform and Living Wages.  Come pray for the poor.  Ask our religious leaders to stand with the poor on welfare reform and living wages.  Brunch will be provided.  The event will be held at Central Presbyterian Church at 201 Washington Street.  We hope to see you there!

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9 Gammon Ave SW, Atlanta GA 30315
Phone: (404) 622-7778  Fax: (404) 622-7992
Email: hungercoalition@mindspring.com