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Support Services:

Applicants and recipients of TANF and those leaving TANF are eligible for support services to help aid participation in Personal Work Plan requirements.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • child care: recipients applying with children can receive up to $280 a month.  The transitional child care (TCC) program is available for families leaving the program to go to work.  TCC is available for up to one year on a sliding scale fee basis.
  • transportation: TANF recipients are eligible for help with the cost of operating a vehicle, bus tickets, parking fees, driver's license fees, vehicle repair, car insurance, etc.  Usually you are reimbursed $3.00 a day and no more than $350 a month.
  • work apparel required for employment or training
  • eyewear, medical, and dental services when required for employment
  • tools and supplies required for employment or training
  • occupational licensing fees up to $300
  • transitional medical care: If you become ineligible for TANF for employment reasons you can get transitional Medicaid for you and your children for a 12 month period.  You will be asked to report your wages and other information to DFCS.

Housing Services:
The Section 8 housing program provides affordable housing to very low income individuals in the private market.  Participants must qualify for Prosperity Vouchers in order to receive Section 8 Housing.

Families that are eligible for Prosperity Vouchers:
  • Families that are currently receiving TANF
  • Families that have received TANF in the preceding 24 months
  • Families that were eligible to receive TANF in the preceding 24 months but were provided another source of assistance
  • Families that would have been eligible to receive TANF in the preceding 24 months but did not submit an application.

Click here for information on extending TANF and After-Employment Services.

If you feel that you have been denied any services that you should be receiving, you have the right to request a fair hearing. Contact your local Georgia Legal Services Office (1-800-498-9469) or the Georgia Client Council (404-206-5327).

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